Darlene Bennett                                                                                         Sept '10

Good morning guys,
Just want to thank you for coming out and seeing the little ones face light
up. I truly believe all the kids enjoyed you at the party. My kids are still
talking about there day with you. Everything was great and the adults
enjoyed you also or least I did.
May have to repeat next year.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK... JOB WELL DONE....



Kristen McCaughan
Jan 17 2011
I just wanted to thank you for making my son's birthday on New Year's Day a wonderful time! We had so much fun with you guys out there and all the parents told us it was the best party they had been too. It was just a great presentation and you knew just how to talk to and entertain the kids.  I wish I had another son with a birthday soon so I could invite you back!


Faith Couvillon                  

Hi Jason,
I have been meaning to send a quick email to tell you how glad we are that we booked you for Hudson's birthday party!  It was a huge hit, and enjoyed tremendously by both the kids and adults.  You and Pat do an amazing job, and we thank you for making Hudson's party so special.
If you ever need any kind of reference or "customer comment," let us know - we'd love to give you a glowing review.
Have a great summer,


  July 28th 2012

  Jason, Barry and Hank,

   Thank you soo much for providing the most enjoyable Birthday for Marcus' 5th Party. We were amazed at how the children were just taken by you and actually sat and listened for 30 minutes as you taught them fire safety and all about the fire truck. Marcus talked about you guys until the last child left his party, we guess you've made an impact on his life.

  Thanks again

  Mike and Miranda Lucas , Silver Spring, MD


          August 11th 2012

  You just left our Party for our sons Jack and Tom. This was by far the best party we've ever had for them and it may never be topped. Jason you we very informative and paused to wait for the kids to tell their stories to you. and you are quite funny too..But rest assured that if you need any references will will be more than happy to give them !!               

   Jill Gonzales , Towson, MD


            Nov. 11th 2012

   Jason, thank you for a great party!  I know that at least one parent plans to be in touch for a future event (at her son's playschool). 

     The McLeans, Columbia, MD


    March 16th 2013

      I should be the one Thanking you !!What a Great Party- You guys have a lot of patience !! We will be promoting you guys at every opportunity !

      Holly Owens, Rockville, MD


     March 19th 2013

    Dear Bubbaville Fire Unit,

     Thank you so much for your generous donation of a Birthday Party Package. We had a Happy Winner !! The Event was a Huge success, and we are truly greatful. Thanks Again !! Happy Spring !!

    Thank you so much The Dean Family (especially Ashton)! 


    March 23, 2013

  Jason, Thanks again it was Great !!

    Thanks again, you made Bryce's day. He went to bed holding a fire truck.

     S&J Bondroff, Owings Mills, MD.


         April 13th 2013

  Dear John and Jason,

   Today you guys came to our son Matt's 5th Birthday, What a surprise I was so overwhelemed by the care and patience you showed and the  knowledge that you instilled in Matt and his friends. My friend Darby's son Nick wont stop talking about you guys..So to say the least EVERYONE had a great time !! I look forward to telling all of my friends and Co-workers all about Matt's awesome party !!

  Thanks Again

  Alison Asimenios, Davidsonville, MD


   Saturday June 15th 2013

Hi Jason & Tom, I Just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome job you did for Jonah Dean's Birthday party. He has been staying w/us since his big brother, Ashton, has been in ICU for 3 weeks @ Hopkins. Needless to say Jonah is very sad that he is not w/his parents & brother, BUT he has not stopped talking about his special birthday party. Many of the attendees have posted lots of photoshad by all. Jason-U R ssooo good w/the kids & fun while teaching them about fire safety. I even learned a few tips myself. I also want to again thank you for the party U donated for a benefit bullroast for Ashton. As u know, this is such a good/needed cause. My other little grandson, Jackson, was just so enthralled & mesmerized last Sat. I feel we may have 2 future firefighters in our future. Well thanks again & God bless   "gg'
PS If UR interested in Ashtons updates U can log onto FB "Ashton's Angels"
     Saturday June 15th 2013


You won't believe what Alex said tonight as he was going to bed.  He maintains that your visit today was as much fun as Disneyland!  Wow, how could we ask for anything more?!  In addition to outrageous fun, he truly did listen and learn safety information from you guys.  For example,  he was quite impressed about your advice to avoid being in front of a window in case of trouble so fireman can break through it without risk of injury.  Too cool - how did I manage not to know that either?!  
It is obvious that you put lots of preparation into your program and that the children and adults all become enamored.  We can't thank you enough for helping to promote safety for our precious children and creating such an unbelievable set of birthday memories!
I saw some of the photos quickly on our friend's camera and will send you a few when I get them - they absolutely capture the joy!
Most appreciative,
Kathleen J
Arnold, MD  
  August 5th 2013
 Everyone had a wonderful time!  Thank you!  Kieran will be talking about it for a long time. Thank you for your patience especially with the older boys and my wants-to-check-out-everything son!
   Carrie K
   Reisterstown, MD

Hi Jason,                                                                              Tuesday Oct.15th 2013

 Everyone had a great time! I will let my ex husband/fireman know lol. Thank you for providing the gateway to a very memorable and fun party~The look on Jordan's face was priceless!

Take Care,
Lissa  O. Bowie,MD


    Jason & Tom                                                                                                                                                            December 7th 2013

    Thank you so much. It was awesome. I got a little distracted with my younger son, but what I heard it was Great !! I will highly recomend the party to anyone.

   Thanks   Jodie M.   Washington d.c.


                                                                                                                                        December 23rd 2013

Omg!! Thank you!! It was awesome!!! Everyone had a great time and Matthew also retained and learned a lot! It turned out to be a great day!!  Not sure of well be able to top it! 
      9-28-14   Columbia, MD
Thank you for the great party.   Sam will remember this one for a long time.   I asked him what his favorite part was and he said he liked the ride in the truck.  Everything was done really well. 
   Sherri M.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      March 14th 2014


 Hi Jason and Zach,

THANK YOU for a super fun party! Despite the sleet, snow, and rain, Luke and his friends had a blast! You guys were great! Everyone learned a lot and had a good time! I will highly recommend you to our neighbors and friends.


                                                                                                                                                           Aug 14 2014

Thank you for coming, and all that you did. I captured a lot of smiles that day--the kids loved it!!!


_________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  August 25th 2014
Hi Jason,
Thanks so much for your great party yesterday!  Everyone had a great time!  It's the talk of preschoool smile
Thanks again,
      10-4-2014  Gaithersburg, MD
        Thanks Jason......all the kids and my husband and I had a great time!  Thanks for making Alex's day so special!
       Melissa B.
    10-5-2014   NW DC
             Thank you so much for making Emory's bday! He definitely won't forget this birthday (and neither will his friends)! You guys were amazing and we all had so much fun (and at least a few adults are going out to buy fire extinguishers now:)). Thanks again for everything!!
      Hallie Z.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Nov. 9th 2014

               I would like to thank you guys.   It was definitely one of my favorite parties thus far!   You and Lester were amazing with the kids.   I will certainly be referring you to all my friends.   I cannot thank you enough with for making Lincoln and Bryce's birthday so special!  

       Sari G.


         April 4th 2015              Capitol Hgts, MD

          Yes thank you so much he still has his hat on took a bath and slept with it lol I have plenty of nice picture I promise I will send you plenty everyone said you and your partner did a job well done  thank you again . 

         Monique M.


     April 19, 2015 Essex, MD


            Thank you very much Jason!  Everyone said how wonderful the party was.  You guys did a wonderful job and it's much appreciated smile 

                  Andrea R.


      April 20th 2015     NW DC


                The party was awesome-- you did an amazing job! Thank you so much!!! 

     Ashley K.


            May 16th 2015    Owings Mills, MD


   Thank you ten-fold for all you did for us today! You truly exceeded our expectations and Brady, his friends and the adults loved the party!!!  The educational/entertainment fun you all offer is absolutely fabulous!  This was such a unique/personal experience that we will all remember for a long time. All ready Brady says he wants you all to come over again tomorrow to play.  You related well to all kids, and learning and using all their names was very special to each family that was here.  You truly have a gift for this and I appreciate all your efforts today, you made our family feel special!!
             Milana M.


      May 25th 2015

Hi Jason,
I hope you're having a nice holiday weekend. We just wanted to thank you again. All of the kids had a FABULOUS TIME and are still talking about the party/fire truck.
Take care,
    June 28 2015   Chevy Chase MD.


Thank you so much for a great party!  The kids really enjoyed and my dad was pretty excited that he got to ride in the truck as well    We will definitely recommend to others!