Weddings, Proposals and Parties  

Do you want to show up to your own event in extremely unique way.? Do you want to have a fire truck as part of your festivities? Need a fire truck as a Back drop for Event Pictures. We can do all of this just give us a call 443-829-2575

  In 2015 we did another bride and Groom transport from their wedding & reception to their private hotel in Washington DC.

   In 2014 we had 2 Proposals using Bubbaville's Truck as the "stage"  both were Awesome suprises !!  We also did 1 wedding as the back drop for pictures. As well as being hired to provide transportation for Bride and Groom from the reception  to their hotel.   

   Also, dont forget in 2013 we had a soon to be bride contact us, because she wanted to arrive purposely "late" for her own wedding with the lights and sirens going !!  

       We are here to accomplish all of your Great Ideas !!!