We arrive at your home, call out the Birthday Child, we set up a “safety zone” around the fire truck with cones and bars and plenty of signage. Everyone is encouraged to be a part of the activities, Age Specific “Goody bags” are handed out, The Birthday child receives a Team member custom embroiderd patch for them to keep and a chance to wear authentic child size “bunker gear”, boots, pants, jacket and helmet throughout the party experience, others can try on either adult or kid sized Gear including pants, jacket, boots and helmets with our help, this is a perfect time for photo opportunities!

Depending upon age, we cater a “show and tell” that is mixed with fire safety. Everyone is then Encourage and welcomed to climb in, get on and enjoy the Bubbaville Fire Truck.

Approximate time: 60-90 minutes. Cost: $300.00

                    Please call 443-829-2575 to ensure your selected date is available. Date will be held for 24hrs or until payment is received